Medicine Tracks: A Memoir

Medicine Tracks is one woman’s journey through loss and change, with the people, animals, and dreams that are her medicine—her sources of guidance and healing—along the way.

Donell Barlow’s story begins with the unexpected dissolution of her marriage of thirteen years. This is only the beginning of changes to come, and she seizes what can guide her and holds on tight.

Raised by her single father, Donell has always shared a special bond with him. Even as his health declines, she continues to be guided by his teachings. Venturing into the tricky world of dating after divorce, Donell seeks and finds love, sex, and connection, but must first relearn the importance of trusting her gut. The journey of following her medicine tracks leads Donell back to her Native American heritage. From mentoring Native youth to supporting the protection of the planet through her activism, Donell forges a new life while holding on to the most important parts of her past.

Medicine Tracks is a story of becoming sensitive to the wisdom of the Universe around you, being present in the moment, and having faith to follow your own guides toward a new path.


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