See what clients are saying about Donell

I came to Donell when I knew I needed to change my diet and lifestyle but was overwhelmed with where or how to start. In our first meeting she really took the time to listen to the personal troubles that I was experiencing and began to build a program tailored to my needs. Donell help me set multiple but attainable goals that I was able to reach over the course of the program, my goals varied from fitness related goals to nutrition, stress management and mind/body wellness. Meeting with her helped keep me accountable and she provided me with the tools I needed to reach each one of those goals. I really appreciated how sincere, supportive and most importantly understanding she was during the program. Donell gave me a wealth of knowledge that I still live by today and would recommend her coaching to anyone looking to live a better lifestyle.
— Jeannine
Donell really helped me to see how what I was eating was affecting how I was feeling, both emotionally and physically. Her holistic approach to coaching — concentrating on the mind-body-spirit connection — was beneficial to me and she helped me to set goals that built upon the previous week’s goal setting.

Donell is a wonderful health and wellness coach and I recommend her highly!
— Cat C.
I recently started seeing Donell for support of my overall wellness and nutritional guidance. Her food ideas and healing techniques are natural and holistic. She is very passionate about what she does. Not only does care about my well-being ,but my family members as well. I would highly recommend Donell and her services.
— Tiffany K.
Donell’s health/nutrition coaching positively changed the way I view nutrition and my health. She tailored a program to fit my needs and goals. She took a sincere interest in my health and well being during our sessions. Donell understands that there is no “one size fits all approach” to health and she was attentive to my individual health needs. During our time together, I saw drastic improvements in my energy level, mood and skin conditions. I would recommend her health and coaching wholeheartedly!
— Karisa